McCOM was conceived in 1973, by Mr. Keval Jain (B.E. Mech. & Elec.), with the corporate objective of providing manufacturing & engineering products & services related to Semiconductor & Rectifier Industry.

Over the years McCOM has given priority to constant research & development of products for semiconductors; & thus established itself as one of the pioneer engineering company. Further in the efficient leadership of Mr.Punit Surana, McCOM has been formed as a company, named McCOM Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Since itís inception, our sincere efforts is to enhance technical & engineering skills of our personnel, leading to successfully develop from Machining of Copper Bases to Cold Forged Copper Brazed Base.

McCOM allot top priority to innovation and upgradation of technology in the avenues of:

  • Brazing

  • Cold Forging

  • Machining

  • Developing customized copper bases as per customerís requirements/drawings.

Our expertise and experience in the field makes us a specialized engineering company, which understands the needs of semiconductor industry, hence gives us a niche edge in providing good quality engineering components used for Diodes, SCRs, with a committed prompt delivery schedule.